Out of jealousy, the drunk man stabbed his neighbor


The Hajdú-Bihar County Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a man who stabbed the victim several times in his own house for attempting to commit a life-threatening bodily injury.

The accused lives in Nádudvar with his partner. The defendant and his neighbor had been in a good relationship since they were children, but prior to the crime, the accused without any grounds assumed that the man was having an affair with his partner.

The perpetrator came home drunk on the evening of June 23, 2021, and told the woman to discuss the situation with the victim. The man was already scolding loudly at the door and threatening the victim with killing him if they continued the relationship. The increasingly aggressive man hit the neighbor with his fist several times on his head and torso, then picked up the headboard on the bed and hit the victim’s head with it. The angry man stabbed the victim four times in the right shoulder blade, right shoulder, and left thigh with a kitchen knife. The accused then verbally threatened the victim, and then left.

The victim only went to the injured doctor the next morning. The victim developed puncture and incision injuries healing throughout the body within eight days, while the tendon injury in his left hand was healing beyond eight days.

The case was investigated by the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters.

The Hajdú-Bihar County Attorney General’s Office was indicted at the Debrecen Tribunal for attempting to commit a life-threatening bodily injury. In the indictment, the Attorney General’s Office proposed the imposition of a prison sentence and an additional sentence of disqualification from public affairs.



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