Night at the Zoo in several Hungarian cities


The last Friday of August is traditionally the day of “Night at the Zoo” in Hungary.

On this night, 12 zoos are waiting for their visitors with extended opening hours and unique programs.

The Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park will be from 7 pm till 11 pm on 25 August.

One of the key highlights of the event is the opening of the newest attraction, the Piranha Exhibit. Famed for its voracious appetite, 30 Red-bellied piranhas are waiting to be unleashed into one of the biggest tanks in Europe and show their virtues during live feeding.

Darius, the 4-month-old tiger will be the real star of the night. With your MagicBand you will have an up-close experience as he sets out on his first night-time hunting expedition.

Night at the Zoo is the unmissable event of the summer. For one night only, experience the Zoo like never before. Join us for a walk on the wild side! Our evening adventures take you on a guided tour that includes animal encounters and unique behind-the-scenes experiences with the zoo’s nocturnal, night-loving animals. Ask the experts, meet-and-greet with the animal keepers, who’ll show you secrets like how hippos brush their teeth.

Rely on your instincts and test your senses at the Scent Garden or at the Palm House. Get over your fears and try edible insects and flowers.

The Amusement Park will have you enjoy your rides, let it be the Carousel or the Rollercoaster. With your MagicBand you can go unlimited all-night long.

Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service is calling for a good cause so we are handing out Amusement ride attendance tickets for all Blood-Donors who participate.


Moreover, the following programs will be also presented to the night visitors:

  • Animal Shows
  • Colorful light-show in the Africa Aviary
  • Fire jugglers & Live performances
  • Artisan Corner for the Children’s animal crafts
  • Exhibition of Animal Bones and Skulls in the Enchanted Castle
  • LED Dance & Capoeira Show
  • and much more!

The base ticket is selling for 1.400 HUF or get the MagicBand for 3.000 HUF per person.

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