International Success of Hungarian Brand Daalarna


Anita Benes founder of the Hungarian brand Daalarna has won the title of Businesswoman of the Year.Now, Daalarna wedding dresses are available in 35 countries, and Anita Benes founder of the brand is officially Businesswoman of the Year. However, she did not start her career as a wedding dress designer.

As a child, she was really into drawing, and later on she studied in an art secondary school in Pécs, then at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. Then, she wanted to follow her boyfriend, so she applied for a French scholarship, she won and spent a semester in France. Living in France meant a milestone in her career: after she had come back to Hungary, she started to design dresses.

After her graduation, she and five of her friends founded a company and started to make costumes, cocktail dresses, coats and mini dresses. The number of their costumers started to grow slowly, which was also due to the fact that foreign multinational companies appeared in Hungary in the ’90s, and managers were willing to spend on special and unique dresses.

Anita was interested in wedding dresses and after seven years the company was over. Anita sold her car and in 2002 she founded her own company, Daalarna. In 2004 she opened her showroom and salon in Budapest, Alkotmány street. More and more well-known people and celebrities started to wear her dresses, so success finally arrived.

However, Anita wanted to get into the international market too, and she made her first contract abroad with an Australian company. Now, Daalarna dresses are available in 35 countries in the world.

Daalarna dresses are made of special textiles, that makes the dresses rather expensive.

In 2017, Anita Benes won the title of Businesswoman of the Year.


Photo: Daalarna – Facebook

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