American Corner: Cívis Super Bowl Days tomorrow

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American football is not just a game in the USA, but a Culture! To get in touch with this culture you must experience it on the spot. From the 29th of January to the 2nd of February the American Corner brings the feeling of the Super Bowl to Debrecen.

If you want to know everything about the most important sport event of the year in America and experience a hands on experience, then visit us!

On January 29th two great presenter comes to the American Corner Debrecen to talk about American Football.

  1. The Most-Watched TV Event in US History: Television, American Football, and the Super Bowl

Guest speaker: Dr. Balázs Venkovits, instructor at the North American Department of the University of Debrecen

The presentation discusses the place and role of football in American culture and examines it as a pastime, a form of entertainment, and a multibillion dollar business. It touches upon the role of television in the rise and popularization of American sports and the way it “changed the face” of professional football in the United States. Illustrated by photos and videos, we will explore the Super Bowl as the most-watched TV event in US history presenting fun facts and trivia on the past and present of the game, half-time shows, and Super Bowl commercials.

  1. Hunamerican Football – American Football Culture in Hungary

Guest speaker: László Makranczi, Debrecen Gladiator American Football Club media manager and journalist of the American Football Assosiation

The history of the Hungarian American Football, introducing Hungarian teams and famous Hungarian American Football stars. You get to know the culture of the cheerleading and what mascots are and why they are so important for all the teams. You can try on real American Football equipments, and see some ball techniques from players of the Gladiators.

The presentations are bilingual, Hungarian and English.

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