Blood Donation by ESN Debrecen

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On Monday you can be a hero by saving not 1 but 4 lives at once. Did you know that by donating your blood, what only takes up to 10-15mins, you can save 3 people’s lives?Date: Monday (16th of April) 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Venue: Kossuth Lajos Dormitories (1. Egyetem square)

Program: Blood Donation by ESN Debrecen.

Did you know donating your blood actually boosts your own hematopoietic system (where your blood cells are produced) and “refreshes” your blood?

If you haven’t donated blood in the past 3 months, if you are disease free, if you are above 50 kgs, please come and save the life of 3 people! Those who donate will get some water and chocolate to help your body recover the loss of blood.

Things to take: ID or Passport
Meeting point: the multifunctional room in Kossuth III, ground floor – ESN members will be waiting for you at the reception.

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