Bear Enters House in Füzesabony


Bears can be seen again in Hungary, now people spotted one in Heves county, the animal even entered a house.Experts say that the bears’ living area is constantly growing, so it is normal for them to go into the cities now and then. It is important, however, that people should always avoid getting in contact with these wild animals.

A man in Füzesabony made a video of a bear running on the streets of the city. First, he thought he saw a big dog. The bear was not only running on the streets, but the animal also entered one of the houses.

The local hunters immediately checked the traces of the animal. They said that not only the people were scared, but the bear too.

According to experts, bears usually do not pose a threat, but people should not go close to them. This year people have seen brown bears in Hungary several times.


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