Parties for this weekend, 23-24 November

Party Zone

23 November, Friday

SeVeN: F*** The City Vol. 1. – DJ Maci

Egoist BarClub: Rock The City & Yellow present: Bonita

Base Club: Friday Party

Roncsbár: Anna and the Barbies, Loyal concerts

Tabu Debrecen: Friday Party

Hello Pub: Friday Party – Karaoke Party with DJ Sunny

Incognito Club: Ljubljana concert

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Fran Palermo concert

My Friends Club: AfroVibez with DJ Emperor


24 November, Saturday

SeVeN: Love and Drink – Field

Egoist BarClub: Retro Disco – DJ Dominique and Németi

Base Club: Saturday Party

Roncsbár: Dorothy, Magor concerts

Tabu Debrecen: Happy B-Day Tabu! – Immi V, Greg Trade, Thomas Knauer

Hello Pub: Hello Party!

Incognito Club: Signal Motorock concert

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Diabolus In Musica concert, Sav-Bázis: Zsupi, Dirty Ice, Mesterházy

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