May Exhibitions in MODEM


The Burden of History – Retrospective exhibition of Gábor Roskó

28 April – 28 July 2013

Gábor Roskó created one of the most exciting oeuvres in figurative painting in the eighties, representing an utterly individual voice on the art scene dominated by new sensuality. Beside his practice as a painter he made a great number of graphics in the nineties while also experimenting with ceramics. His works are populated by biblical kings, classical heroes, celebrities, and figures of historical allusions.


The New World. Contemporary Canadian Print Art

The End of Language. Derek Michael Besant exhibition

30 March – 23 June, 2013.

MODEM’s large-scale selection of contemporary Canadian print art showcases more than fifty works. The twelve exhibiting artists live and work in various regions of Canada, but they all share a commitment to and enthusiasm for print art, be that traditional paper-ink or the latest digital technology. For this group introduction all the artists created new works, which – adding a further edge to the show’s uniqueness – all connect to a most current, shared topic.


Funny Story – Exhibition of Lajos Csontó

10 March – 2 June 2013

The artworks of Lajos Csontó are exhibited on the third floor exhibition hall that becomes a coherent Csontó artwork itself. The title, Funny Story refers to that double pressure that the artworks and our life events both link into stories and although we understand each other and ourselves through personal stories, these happenings are rather impersonal, a kind of a “funny story” that can happen to anyone and sometimes they are not even funny. The white chalk drawings, cartoon-like scenes on the black wall vary with photo-based works and video installations.




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