Award Winner Poker Robot from Debrecen


The Hungarian Association for Innovation distributed more than 2,5 million Ft grants among young innovators. 124 candidates submitted 101 proposals, out of which 59 works was completed.

Amongst the 1st prize winners were a high schooler boy from Debrecen (Tóth Árpád Gimnázium), Hegyesi Donát Sándor. He built a poker robot, which is on the one hand designed for entertainment; on the other hand, the player can improve his poker strategy skills.

In the category of research studies, two students of the Kossuth Secondary School, Bényei Éva and Bódi Kata Antónia were given prizes. They concluded a joint study in the field of bioluminescence on lux genes.

The talented young Hungarians have access to many international events, including the Nobel Prize award ceremony, the London International Youth Science Forum, and the China Adolescent Science & Technology Innovation Contest.

source: Magyar Innovációs Szövetség

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