1945 – A Hungarian Movie at the Hungarian Academy in Rome


On the 14th of June, at 7:30 pm the Hungarian movie entitled 1945 is going to be screened in Rome, Italy, at the Hungarian Academy. The movie was directed by Ferenc Török.The Hungarian film director, Ferenc Török’s most recent, multi-award winning film premiered in Rome, Italy at the beginning of May, 2018. The premiere of the movie was held in the Apollo 11 art cinema. The director himself was also there at the movie’s premiere in Rome, and after that, at the roundtable discussion, too, which was held in the cinema.

The movie is based on a short story written by the Hungarian author, Szántó T. Gábor. Title of the short story is Homecoming. The film was a huge success in Italy: it was praised by both the press and the audience.

After tomorrow’s screening, the audience can talk with Edith Bruce, who is a writer of Hungarian  origin, living in Rome, Italy.

Source: www.debreceninap.hu

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