Debrecen is the City of Culture in 2020 as Well


The City of Debrecen places great emphasis on opening up more opportunities for the young generations and creative communities. Vice Mayor István Puskás held a press conference on cultural issues in Csokonai Theatre on 7 February 2020.

In addition to the 10.2 billion HUF to be spent on cultural investments, 6.1 billion HUF will be devoted to the operation of culture, which means that Debrecen allocates roughly 10 per cent of its budget on this field. That is: more than half of the institutional resources are devoted to the cultural field. As István Puskás said: when we talk about culture, we also talk about a context. These numbers do not exist in themselves, but related to the city’s other activities. There are several items that prove: the city develops along the line of a well-reasoned strategy. The Vice Mayor called attention to the city’s international relations, which form an important part of the cultural field, even though they do not necessarily appear in numbers. He mentioned the Cultural Capital application, which brought serious possibilities for cooperation, which will be carried on.


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