Fire Dance Youth Dance Festival and Youth Meeting are organized in Debrecen


Főnix Néptáncegyüttes and DEMKI Nonprofit Kft. Are organizing the Fire Dance Youth Dance Festival for the 23rd time this year.

The venue of the event: Debrecen-Liget Square
The date of the event is June 25, 2022.

Detailed program:
10.00 – 12.30 Gábor Nagy “Cat” football memorial tournament basketball matches, skill games
15.00 – 15.50 Tales on the Wings -MM Podium Stage performance for children – Oradea
16.00 Opening ceremony
16.20 – 17.30 Stage productions Part I.
17.30 Handing over commemorative cards
18.00 – 21.00 Stage productions II. part
21.00 – 21.20 Fiery Production – Dragon Girls Fire Juggler Team
21.20 – 22.00 Fire-dance around the fire

Participating bands:
Bajnóca Folk Dance Ensemble – Berettyóújfalu,
Berde Mózes Unitarian High School Wild Roses Folk Dance Group – Székelykeresztúr-Transylvania
Berettyó Citer Orchestra – Star
Csapókerti Pávakör – Debrecen
Tap Garden Glass Zither Circle – Debrecen
Csimpolya Folk Dance Ensemble – Püspökladány
Folk Ensemble of Debrecen – Debrecen
Rainbow Folk Dance Ensemble – Derecske
Phoenix Folk Dance Ensemble – Debrecen
Phoenix Folk Dance Ensemble Wild Roses Group – Debrecen
Phoenix Folk Dance Ensemble Rszervecske Group – Debrecen
Kendekóc Folk Dance Ensemble – Püspökladány
Sling Folk Dance Ensemble – Nyíradony
Wildflower Tradition Circle -Ada- Vojvodina

Accompanied by the Bakator Orchestra

There is a folk landing fair and a snack bar during the day.
In case of rain, the programs are delayed.

Admission is free.


The festival started in 2000, close to St. John’s Day (June 24), with the participation of the county’s folk dance communities. The first meeting was preceded by almost two years of work. The event has expanded internationally over the years. In recent years, 45 domestic and foreign folk dance groups have participated in the Spring Festival.

The aim of the festival has not changed over the years: to bring the festival closer and livable to young people and the general public, to create and nurture traditions, and to meet and connect different branches of art.

The Fire Dance Youth Dance Festival is an outstanding activity of the Phoenix Folk Dance Ensemble. The annual festival provides an opportunity for 11-13 youth folk dance ensembles and folk music groups to introduce themselves.

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