The Lego Group presented a prototype of a cube made from recycled plastic


The Lego Group has unveiled a prototype of the LEGOR cube made from recycled plastic, taking another step toward the sustainability of LEGO products, the company told MTI on Wednesday.


The new prototype of the cube made from PET bottles is the first to be made from recycled material and that meets the company’s strict quality and safety requirements.

It takes a long time for recycled cubes to appear in LEGO boxes as well. The researchers will further test and develop the PET formula, then they can decide on trial production, they added.

The prototype of the recycled cube is the latest sustainability development of the Lego Group. In 2020, the company announced that it would eliminate single-use plastic from product boxes, and in 2018, it began producing sugarcane-based polyethylene batteries from a sustainable source.

The Lego Group’s commitment to sustainable materials is just one of many of the company’s initiatives to make a positive impact. They will invest more than $ 400 million (approximately $ 117 billion) over three years (until 2022) to accelerate the achievement of the company’s sustainability goals.

The Lego Group’s revenue increased by 13 percent to DKK 43.7 billion (HUF 2,154 billion) last year, the Danish construction toy manufacturer announced its financial results to MTI in March.

Operating profit was DKK 12.9 billion in 2020, up 19 percent in one year. The company said sales growth was in double digits in all markets; they have been particularly strong in China, the Americas, Western Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.



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