French Company Creates 70 New Jobs in Debrecen With State Support of 700 Million


Another development in Hungary has been agreed with the French company Gravic, which will create 70 new jobs in Debrecen as part of an investment of HUF 3.5 billion, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in Cannes, France, on Tuesday (16th November).


The head of the ministry reported that investments are constantly arriving in Hungary, which will ensure the long-term growth of the economy. “Gravic Group, which now provides packaging and wrapping technology to even the largest international automotive and electronics companies, has decided to double its capacity in Debrecen,” the minister said. He added that as a result of the project, the Hungarian plant will be the largest factory unit within the group. According to his information, the HUF 3.5 billion investment, for which the state will provide HUF 700 million in support, will create seventy new jobs in Debrecen.

The city will also provide packaging and packaging solutions for companies that are “fundamentally” determining the growth of the Hungarian economy, such as Volkswagen, BMW, Continental, Bosch and Samsung, he emphasized. Finally, he pointed out that French companies play an important role in ensuring the growth of the Hungarian economy.


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