A Retro Exhibition Opened at the Hajdú-Bihar County Hall


An exhibition of retro objects has opened on November 16th in Debrecen, as well as on the 17th in Hajdúnánás, courtesy of the Hajdú-Bihar County Archives of the Hungarian National Archives.


Balázs Czetz, Deputy Director General of MNL County, said that this day is a holiday for archivists, an opportunity to present the tasks and results of the past period. As he said, the activities of the archives are extremely diverse. In addition to scientific, research and processing work, there is also an emphasis on public service, archival pedagogy and control activities.

The archive is in the public consciousness as a dusty custodian of old documents, where scientists are researching documents a hundred years ago. However, he emphasized that not only about the Mohács disaster or the Tatar invasion, but also about the ’80s, for example, there were lectures, exhibitions and exhibitions.

At the two-day professional conference, participants can hear lectures e.g. about the rural life of the Kádár era or the history of the cube houses.

Photo: County Municipality


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