Vatican spokesman: XVI. Benedict’s condition is serious but stable


The retired pope is alert and in stable condition – stated Holy See spokesman Matteo Bruni on the XVI. In a statement issued about Benedek on Thursday.

The XVI. Sources at the Mater Ecclesiae monastery, known as Benedict’s Vatican home, informed the Italian news agency ANSA that the retired pope was “calm and extremely peaceful”. It was confirmed that XVI. Pope Benedict participated in the concelebration of Thursday’s mass.

XVI. Benedict is staying in his own bedroom on the first floor of the church building in the territory of the Papal States. She is looked after by the four nuns serving in the monastery, her personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, and the trained nurse Father Eligio. The physician of the retired pope, Patrizio Polisca, is also present.

According to a statement issued by the Vatican in the early afternoon, the retired pope had a good night’s rest, his thinking is clear and he is fully awake.

His condition is still serious, but the situation is currently stable – emphasized the spokesman of the Holy See.

He added that Pope Francis continues to call on the faithful to pray so that in the difficult hour be by Benedek’s side.

A mass for Benedict XVI. will be presented in the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome, considered the “little Vatican” on Friday.

The Vatican did not confirm the information of the German press that
the head emeritus’ condition worsened already in the days before Christmas, but the pope said no to hospital treatment. The Gemelli clinic, not far from the Vatican, is considered the hospital of the popes.

The retired pope remained in the monastery where he has lived since his resignation in 2013.

The Holy See issues regular announcements about Benedict’s health, but the retired pope’s doctor can also give an indication of possible changes in the patient’s condition.



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