Six-Hour-Long Facebook Shutdown Caused a Huge Damage for Zuckerberg


At around 6 pm Hungarian time, Facebook and other platforms owned by it, such as Messenger and Instagram, were inaccessible. The breakdown has so far caused nearly seven billion dollars in losses to Facebook’s founding owner, Mark Zuckerberg, Bloomberg writes.


Since Monday’s shutdown, so many people have begun selling their Facebook stock that its share price has fallen 5 percentage points, bringing Zuckerberg’s estimated fortune to $ 120.9 billion, slipping back to fifth place on the Bloomberg billionaire rankings and behind Bill Gates.

The price of Facebook shares has thus fallen by about 15 percentage points since mid-September. Based on leaked internal documents, the Wall Street Journal has written several articles about Facebook knowing exactly from its own surveys that the various criticisms that befall a techie are often justified. One such news was that they are aware that Instagram has a detrimental effect on teenage girls, yet they are not trying to improve the situation. However, Facebook’s research leader denied that Instagram would have a detrimental effect on young people’s mental health.

Zuckerberg’s fortune on September 13th was estimated at another $ 140 billion by the Bloomberg index.


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