New York has the most millionaires in the world


There are more wealthy people living in New York than in any other city in the world, according to a summary of the consulting firm Henley & Partners, quoted by CNBC.

According to the report, 345,600 millionaires and 15,470 multimillionaires (that is, residents with assets of more than $10 million) live in New York. In addition, 737 people have a fortune of more than 100 million dollars, and 59 are billionaires.

According to CNBC, about 4 percent of New York’s 8.38 million residents have more than $1 million worth of investable assets – real estate, cash, or stocks. In the ranking of cities with the most wealthy residents, Tokyo took second place (with 304,900 millionaires and 12 billionaires). In Tokyo, 7,350 people are multimillionaires, and 263 people have a fortune of more than 100 million dollars.

In third place is the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes Silicon Valley (with 276,400 millionaires, of whom 12,890 are multi-millionaires and 62 are billionaires). Based on the number of millionaires, London is fourth on the list (272,400), and Singapore is fifth (249,800).

Three American cities follow: the sixth is Los Angeles (192 thousand 400), the seventh is Chicago (160 thousand 100), and the eighth is Houston (132 thousand 600). Based on the number of millionaires, Beijing is in ninth place on the list (131,500), followed by Shanghai, also in China, with 130,100 millionaires.

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