International Military Band Festival in Debrecen

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XVIII. International Military Band Festival is organized in Debrecen on 4-7 July 2013.

The festival is organized in Debrecen since 1977. Since then well-known and recognized military bands from Hungary and from abroad give concerts with a great success.

The festival has more than one venue: Piac Street, Kossuth Square, Kölcsey Convention Center, Főnix Arena. It begins at 4 pm on 4 July and ends at 11 pm on 7 July.

Military Bands:

Burgerland Province Band – Austria

Polish Navy Band – Poland

Bratislava Armed Forces Band – Slovakia

Debrecen Garrison Band – Hungary

Hódmezővásárhely Garrison Band – Hungary

Hungarian Defense Force Band – Hungary

Szentendre Garrison Band – Hungary

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