The Day of Hungarian Culture on Wednesday

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Various photo and archeological exhibitions are organized on the Day of Hungarian Culture, on 22 January 2014.

The Day of Hungarian Culture is celebrated since 1989 and it commemorates the day when Ferenc Kölcsey, Hungarian poet, finished the manuscript of the “Hymn” that became the national anthem of the country.



21 January, Tuesday

Méliusz Juhász Péter County Library:

16.00 Faces of the Hungarian Culture – photo exhibition of András Máthé

Déri Museum:

17.00 Saved Heritage – National archeological exhibition from Europe


22 January, Wednesday

Debrecen Reformed Theological University (Péterfia Utca 1-7)

10.00 Wreath-laying ceremony of the Ferenc Kölcsey statue

Kölcsey Convention Centre:

17.00 Wreath-laying ceremony of the Kölcsey bust

Debrecen Community House (Kossuth Utca 1):

18.00 Exhibition of the Mag Art Circle

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