Eye-catching pictographs for the cyclists

Local News Police

Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station places several eye-catching pictographs throughout the county.

The number of those accidents in which cyclists were injured increased drastically during the past few years. One reason is that the cyclists do not know the traffic code, for instance riding a bicycle on a crosswalk is forbidden.



To decrease the number of accidents, Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station has initiated an action: pictographs are placed to various buildings throughout the county.


Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station

1 thought on “Eye-catching pictographs for the cyclists

  1. Shame really, this is such a backward and non-western european law here in Hungary. Cyclists should be allowed more rights.
    Coming from Holland, it shames me to see how little attention bicycle get in this country. Promote cyclists – Promote green !

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