Motion of prosecutions against 14 drug dealers

Local News Police

Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station has finished its investigation against 14 drug dealers.

Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station was investigating in the case of drug trafficking in which fourteen people (from Debrecen, Téglás, Hajdúszovát and Mikepércs) were involved.

One of the suspects, the 33-year-old László Sz. was caught selling drugs on 19 December 2016. Another two dealers, the 23-year-old Balázs O. and the 25-year-old Dániel B. were arrested on 10 November 2016. Other members of the drug trafficking network, Péter S., Félix B., the 30-year-old Tamás D., Alexa Sz., Miklós L. were caught on 12 January 2017.

Later, the 45-year-old Jenő L. and the 46-year-old János M. were arrested by the Counter Terrorism Center. On 26 September 2016, Sándor T., Jánso M. and Sándor R. were also caught in the act of selling drugs in Debrecen.

Hajdú-Bihar Cetral Police Station has finished the investigation recently and the motions of prosecutions were sent to the Hajdú-Bihar High Prosecutions Office.

Fourteen drug dealers and their thirty-two customers are involved in the case.



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