Newborn Donkey at Debrecen Zoo & Amusement Park

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The summer baby-boom continues at the Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park as there are new arrivals almost every week. The youngest resident, born on July 28, is a black Hungarian donkey (Equus africanus asinus) who is sure to become the next star of the institution’s Petting Zoo.

Born after a 12-month gestation period, Botond is in good health and has an excellent appetite. The little stud is already exhibited in the Petting Zoo, playing around in the enclosure or sunbathing in the sand, and is expected to stay right by his caring mother’s side for the next few months.

Considered the only donkey breed native to our country, the Hungarian donkey is a calm and peaceful animal. The Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park is home to several color variants: there is a white family in the Donkey Enclosure on the premises of the Amusement Park and there are now two black individuals in the Petting Zoo.

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