Production and Logistics Incubator House to be Built in Debrecen

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Topping out was held in Debrecen Regional and Innovation Science Technology Park on 27 May 2020. The production and logistics incubator house, whose construction is being implemented through the investment of Ximple Kft. that belongs to the portfolio of the Debrecen Industrial Development Fund managed by Xanga Ventures Magántőkealap-kezelő Zrt. (Xanga Ventures Private Equity Fund Manager Private Limited Company), has reached its topmost part.

István Herdon, President-CEO of Xanga Group said: „the production and logistics incubator house built from a budget of two billion HUF will be five thousand square metres large and will have two tenants. Signing a contract with them is near, but their names have not yet been made public, because they will talk about their plans in Debrecen themselves.” István Herdon closed his speech by adding that Xanga Ventures had five ongoing developments under its management.

Vice Mayor Lajos Barcsa pointed out in his speech: in addition to the investors, employees in Debrecen must also be thanked for making it possible that developments can continue in the city regardless of the epidemic situation – both in this industrial park as well as in the North-western Economic Zone and the Southern Industrial Park. Lajos Barcsa added: industrial development in Debrecen in the modern times began in Határ-Street Industrial Park.


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