More than 3,500 people received pizza donations in Debrecen

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SeaMaster Products Kft. Handed over a large quantity and value of quick-frozen pizza to the Debrecen Charitable Board on September 29, 2021. The event was attended by Deputy Mayor Diána Széles, co-chair of the Debrecen Charitable Board, Éva Rózsahegyiné Juhász, chair of the Debrecen Charitable Board and Gergő Sedlák, managing director of SeaMaster Products Kft.

Diána Széles said at the event: Debrecen companies consider the Debrecen Charitable Body to be a reliable partner in helping the needy, currently has 32 member organizations and provides continuous care, has a wide range of information on where help is most needed. SeaMaster Products Kft., a manufacturer of Pizza D’Oro brand, quick-frozen artisanal pizzas, has now offered HUF 5 million worth of its products. The company has been supporting the Debrecen Charitable Board for many years, and is one of the companies in Debrecen that considers it important to act in the interests of those in need in Debrecen within the framework of social responsibility. In addition to the current offer, the Deputy Mayor also mentioned Master Good Kft. as an enterprise that also significantly supports the work of the Debrecen Charitable Body. A volunteer helper from the latter company was now present at the event. According to Dián Wide, these offerings also show the strength of the companies operating in the city, and the fact that love and cooperation are present in Debrecen.

Gergő Sedlák, the managing director of SeaMaster Products Kft., spoke about the fact that they think that those in need should be supported not only on special occasions – for example around Christmas – so they try to help them at other times of the year as well. The company produces a total of about 5 million pizzas a year, and this amount of production produces products that are of impeccable quality but not perfect in terms of shape. Of these, 8,000 pieces of pizza are now being donated, trusting that this could be a good help on a daily basis. The executive indicated that they would like to continue to make such donations in the future because they have the opportunity to do so, and therefore feel they are almost obligated to do so as well.

Éva Rózsahegyiné Éva Juhász, the chairman of the Debrecen Charitable Body, said: the body can only help those in need if there are donors such as SeaMaster Products Kft. in addition, with the help of a number of organizations and institutions that interact with those in need, they help them.

Immediately after receiving the donation, Diána Széles, Gergő Sedlák and Éva Juhász Rózsahegyiné jointly visited a family regularly supported by the Debrecen Charitable Body, where pizzas and a package compiled by the body were handed over.

SeaMaster Products Kft. has been operating the largest artisanal pizza factory in Hungary since 2016, which employs more than 40 people in a shift work schedule in Debrecen and is constantly looking for additional employees to expand its production. The company currently produces about 5 million pizzas a year, which it sells to retail chains present in Hungary, as well as to foreign markets, including England, Canada and Israel.


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