A corrupt prison guard has been arrested, the Debrecen prosecutor’s office is investigating the case

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A sentencing sergeant and one of his relatives have been arrested for a corruption offense, the Central Investigation Attorney General told MTI on Monday.

The Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating the case for accepting official bribery in violation of its official duties and for other criminal offenses, the statement written in the statement.

According to the well-founded suspicion, a man working as a security supervisor in a penitentiary institution had an illegal relationship with a man detained in the institution from the beginning of November 2021. In doing so, the Sergeant Enforcement Agent, through his relative, accepted cash as an unlawful advantage in order to bring to the institution prohibited items — cell phones, chargers, and other items — in accordance with the detainee’s needs.

In violation of his official duties, the sergeant brought a smaller-than-usual cell phone and a package, the content of which was unknown to him, to the penitentiary institution, beginning his service, which began on November 25, 2021. The security inspector concealed the prohibited articles with the intention of handing them over to the detainee during his service.

In a case initiated on the basis of a report by the National Defense Service, the prosecutor’s office conducted coordinated criminal actions at several locations, seized the found objects, and ordered the detention of the security inspector and a relative who committed the crime. The investigating judge ordered the arrest of both suspects.

The punishment for the offense charged against the Sergeant Enforcement Officer is imprisonment ranging from 2 to 8 years, the prosecution said.



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