Specialists are trained in two locations in Debrecen for the BMW plant

Local News

The Debrecen Vocational Training Center offers more than sixty training for further learners, among which, as a result of the cooperation with BMW, for example, the factory will be recruited by two local institutions. Similar to the bustling economic life of Debrecen, a diverse education is associated – writes Lajos Barcsa, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, in his community entry.

The joy is that two institutions have been designated to provide a supply of specialists for BMW.

One of the schools is the Samuel Brassai Technical School. This school is the venue for electronics, mechatronics, and automotive mechatronics technicians. The other institution is the András Mechwart Technical School of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics. IT professionals will be trained here.

According to the company’s selection program, those who perform well in this program can enter the dual environment from grade 11 onwards. Thus, the students who have been admitted have two years to prove that they can stand in a working environment, Zsolt Tirpák, the Chancellery of the Debrecen Vocational Training Center, told the Debrecen municipal media.



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