Katalin Novák visited the barracks in Debrecen

Local News

President Katalin Novák, who was received at the Kossuth Barracks in Debrecen, was briefed on the protection of the eastern border, the M1 said on Wednesday.

According to the information, Katalin Novák, Commander-in-Chief of the Hungarian Armed Forces, heard a report by Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi, Commander-in-Chief of the Hungarian Armed Forces, and Assistant General István Kun-Szabó at the command post of the Hungarian East Armed Forces.

The President of the Republic then went to Fehérgyarmat. He will be accompanied on his tour by one of the cadets of the Károly Kratochvil Honvéd High School, who will be able to take part in the presidential visit of his excellent academic results.



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