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In addition to the highly successful Vénkert Community Garden and the recently handed over Újkert Community Garden, Debrecen was enriched with something new: the Tócóskert Community Garden was handed over on September 27, 2022. Mayor László Papp, parliamentarian László Pósán, and municipal representative András Varga took part in the ceremony, who planted flowers together with the gardeners.

We created fourteen raised beds in the community garden, which 28 people will be able to use. More than 40 people applied for the tender that we conducted. Now we can hand over 28 keys

– said, László Papp. The mayor added: he is confident that this garden will be a very good community-forging force.

In addition to the raised beds, the communal garden also features communal spice jars. Surfaces covered with mulch were created between the raised beds, and 2 tables and 4 benches were placed on a cobblestone surface for social programs and conversations. A wooden house is used to store tools, 2 composters are available for gardeners to use the green waste from the gardens on site, and a garden tap provides irrigation. The community garden was prepared by the staff of Dekert Kft.

László Pósán pointed out that garden-friendly communities are stable, cohesive, mutually supportive, and forward-looking communities everywhere. With the creation of this garden, we can say there will be garden lovers. Here, people come together who did not even know each other before, but working together and spending time together still brings them together, emphasized the member of parliament.

The first owners of the Tócóskert Community Garden will receive advice from the Vénkert Community Garden cultivators and the Green Working Group, highlighted municipal representative András Varga. In addition, gardeners can read many gardening practices on the Future of Debrecen website (
At the pond garden’s opening, the gardeners received a packet of seeds in addition to the key to the garden. The gardeners have the right to use the garden until the end of 2023, against payment of the HUF 4,000 usage fee, this period means a garden use season. HUF 4,000 increases the coffers of the community, and they can spend this amount on their common expenses.


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