Debrecen Drive: focus on the future of the vehicle industry

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With a professional conference presenting the trends and challenges of sustainable and accident-free mobility, as well as a children’s team representing the Faculty of Technology, the University of Debrecen is preparing for the country’s largest vehicle industry parade. The Debrecen Drive will be held between May 26 and 28 in Big Forrest, writes

Debrecen and the university cooperate in areas that determine the life and development of the city. In order for Debrecen to become an automotive industry center, the university also contributes with decisive steps – Chancellor Zoltán Bács emphasized at the press conference announcing Debrecen Drive.

The construction of the vehicle laboratory in the university’s Vezér utca industrial park will soon begin, but the preparation for the vehicle industry actually started many years ago at our institution. We have special training courses and are developing more. We have vehicle development teams and racing communities working constantly. Here, on Debrecen Drive, a small team of children, who already started last year, will start representing the Technical Faculty in the Mini Drive competition. The university also participates in the related professional conference, thereby promoting the development of the industry, Debrecen’s livability and transport

– the chancellor said.

The Debrecen Drive is a nationwide event that fills a gap, combining the weekend entertainment program with the professionalism of the vehicle industry segment. Last year, more than 30,000 people visited the event. This time, practically all types of vehicles from the world are lined up, from public service vehicles to oldtimers to top-class sports cars. The three-day program also includes a spectacular drive show, stunt show, celebrity race, Mini Drive, forklift competition, and a unique, interactive sculpture exhibition made of recycled car parts.

The venue is the Big Forrest and since several events are expected during the long weekend, the organizers recommend that everyone who can, arrive by public transport, bicycle or on foot. Motorists can use the parking lot of the Főnix hall, and the university will also open the parking lot next to the Clinical Center on Pallagi út and the campus on Kassai út for the duration of the event.

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