The storm felled trees and damaged electric lines in Hajdú-Bihar county

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The storm toppled trees and damaged electric lines in Hajdú-Bihar County Trees were toppled and electric lines were damaged by Tuesday evening’s downpour, thunderstorm and strong wind, which gives the firefighters many tasks, the National Directorate General of Disaster Management announced.

According to the information, the units are alerted mainly due to fallen trees, mainly Western Hungary is affected, but the stormy weather reached the capital in the early evening.

It was written about the details that in the county of Komárom-Esztergom, between Tata and Kömlőd, on road 8137, a tree fell on the roadway and occupied both lanes, the firefighters removed it. A fallen tree also obstructed traffic in downtown Tata, they added.

The Által River, a tributary of the Danube, overflowed around it, and the water flooded several yards. In Sopron, Győr-Moson-Sopron counties, due to the rains, a large amount of water flowed into a pharmacy, and two cars got stuck in a railway crossing, they said.

The disaster management also reported that in Hetesen, Somogy county, a tree fell in a life-threatening manner during the storm, endangering a house.

In the capital, Óbuda, a large tree fell on three parked cars. In Zugló, on Róna utca, half-broken tree branches damaged cars. In the XVI. district, on Ostorhegy Street, a tree branch fell on a power line and then caught fire.

According to the announcement, trees were also knocked down by the wind in Nagymaros and Remeteszőlős in the Pest counties. In Tápiószecső, on Külső Sági út, a tree completely blocked the road, while in Verpelét, Heves County, a tree with a diameter of forty centimeters fell on Mikes Kelemen út, obstructing traffic.

(Debreceni Nap)

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