László Papp boasted about Debrecen’s successes at the automotive conference in Leipzig

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Mayor László Papp and Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa represented Debrecen at the ACOD automotive conference in Leipzig – we reported on the trip of the two politicians earlier.

On Wednesday afternoon, László Papp briefly explained what he said to the Germans at the Porsche Experience Center. According to his Facebook post, the main questions of the panel discussion included the future of the automotive industry, as well as the dimensional change and challenges that characterize the automotive industry at the moment.

Debrecen owes its competitiveness to economic development processes. In addition to the development of the economy, it is important that our city can keep up in all areas. Thus, in view of the labor market challenges, the dynamic development of education is necessary. As a good example, I could mention that the number of students in vocational training and higher education, as well as the number of dormitories, is constantly increasing in our city.

– the mayor of Debrecen summarized the essence of what he had to say.

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