The elderly are encouraged to exercise in Debrecen

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The example of Move, Debrecen! movement’s health preservation program – was announced at the regional meeting of the National Pedestrian Seniors’ Club Network in the Nagyerdei Stadium on February 13, 2024. At the event of the Monspart Sarolta Foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle, an overview was given of local programs supporting activity in the elderly and the beneficial physiological effects of regular exercise.

Forest walks, hikes, and even competitions are regularly organized in Debrecen every season for both older and younger people. This is also part of Mozdulj, Debrecen, launched two years ago. movement, in which more than 54,000 people from Debrecen have already participated in various health preservation programs.

We support this movement so much because we see that it strengthens the city’s identity, and we can do something for the people who live here in the city – since Debrecen is therefore a caring city

– Deputy Mayor Diána Széles pointed out.

Move, Debrecen! movement was called exemplary by Zsolt Monszpart. The chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation that built the national network of walking clubs emphasized that physical exercise is important because we can prolong our lives with it.

Based on many years of surveys, it has actually been proven that those who exercise regularly over the age of 50 can gain an extra 5-6 quality years of life

– emphasized the chairman of the board of trustees of the Monspart Sarolta Foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Almost a hundred people took part in the meeting of the elderly walking clubs. The main patron of the event, parliament member Lajos Kósa, said: the two and a half million pensioners in our country are a resource for the entire society, and people must remain active even in old age.

This type of movement – doing something for your health, moving, walking – is also good because you are in a community

– said Lajos Kósa.

At the regional meeting of walking clubs for the elderly, the beneficial physiological effects of regular exercise were reviewed, as well as the Mozdulj, Debrecen! programs to help preserve the health of older people.

Naturally, the program was complemented by a walking tour.


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