Teachers to Receive Pay Rise in August

Europe National

Hungarian teachers will receive a pay rise averaging 10% in August, the daily Magyar Nemzet said on Tuesday.

Depending on qualifications and the number of years worked, each teacher will receive an additional monthly 20,000-40,000 forints (EUR 58-115), the paper said. According to Magyar Nemzet, head teachers and their deputies will also receive a higher managerial bonus, which, depending on the size of the school, could even double the basic salary in some cases. So far, school leaders have received 40-80% of their basic salary in the form of a managerial bonus, which will now increase to 60-170%, the paper said. In the new system, the head of a school with over 400 pupils, with 33 years of experience, will earn a monthly 619,000 forints before tax compared with the current 477,000 forints, the daily said.



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