Schools to Open on September 1st

Europe National
The government is planning to start the academic year in the regular manner, with schools opening on September 1, the human resources ministry said.

According to the ministry’s statement, the status of the coronavirus epidemic does not justify having digital education to replace classrooms, the statement said, adding, however, that “in many countries there has been a significant increase in case numbers and domestic figures also worrying”. The statement also said that further measures could be ordered should the government and relevant authorities see the need. Schools will be given a protocol concerning coronavirus prevention, the statement said, adding that parents should not send children with Covid-19 symptoms to school. Restrictive measures for schools will not be necessary if parents follow a “responsible behaviour” and schools observe basic precautions, the document added. Under a government decree soon to be published, the next school year will start on September 1, and end on June 15, 2021. Children will enjoy an autumn break between Oct 23-Nov 1, a winter vacation between Dec 19-Jan 3, and a spring holiday between Apr 1-7.


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