178 Patients Died and 10,265 New Infections Were Found in Hungary


178 patients have died and another 10,265 coronavirus infections have been found in Hungary, koronavirus.gov.hu ​​said on Wednesday, highlighting that 6,008,226 people have been vaccinated so far, 5,780,925 of whom have been vaccinated, the second 1,668 million and a thousand have already received the third dose of the vaccine.


According to the government portal, the number of infected people in Hungary increased to 976,432. 32,514 people died and the number of people recovered rose to 828,535. The number of active infections is 115,383.

Hospitals are treating 5,852 patients with coronavirus, 565 of whom are on ventilators. There are 46,530 people in official house quarantine, the number of samples is 7,909,782. It was highlighted that the country is in the ascendant phase of the fourth wave of the epidemic, with both the government and the operational tribunal monitoring the epidemic situation and taking further action if necessary. The most important thing has been called for the unvaccinated to take the vaccine as soon as possible, as this provides the strongest protection against the severe course of the disease. Less than one percent of vaccinees become ill, and the course of the disease is usually much milder than in vaccinees, he added. They were reminded: to curb the fourth wave of the epidemic and increase vaccination November 22-28. vaccination action weeks are organized at hospital vaccination points; that week, unvaccinated people can even be vaccinated without prior registration and appointment. In this case, they will be registered on site and vaccinated on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who have previously registered online will still be advised to make an appointment, whether they want to receive their first or missed second or third vaccination, they added.

They recalled that mask wearing was again mandatory on public transport, in the government window and at government office customer service. To increase vaccination, employers may require vaccination for their employees. Vaccination is expected in the public sector, and mayors can decide on it. Companies that require their employees to be vaccinated can also request vaccines from county vaccination teams, in which case occupational physicians can also give the vaccine, they wrote. It was also reported that the majority of the Hungarian population has registered for vaccination and those who have not yet received it can still do so on the website www.vakcinainfo.gov.hu. After registration, it is possible to book an appointment at the GP and on the Internet at www.eeszt.gov.hu. In the appointment book, anyone with a valid registration can book an appointment for the vaccination – the first, the missed second and the third vaccination.

Newly infected people have been reminded that Favipiravir continues to be a great help at home. Experience has shown that the medicine has a good chance of preventing your symptoms from getting worse and being hospitalized. Favipiravir can also be prescribed by your doctor for the treatment of patients with mild to moderate symptoms who are recovering at home and can be triggered free of charge at pharmacies, according to the notice. According to the map of the site, most people have been registered in Budapest (171,923) and Pest County (134,197) so far. This is followed by Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén (60,330), Hajdú-Bihar (52,449) and Győr-Moson-Sopron counties (50,104). The county least affected by the infection is still Tolna, with 20,172 infected.




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