The weekend weather will be rainy


Rain is expected in several places over the weekend, and strong gusts of wind are also possible. The temperature is also starting to drop: a weak frost may occur again on Sunday morning, and the daily maximum temperature is only expected to be between 6-12 degrees Celsius.

The sky will be very cloudy or overcast on Friday. The precipitation zone moves to the east and northeast, causing rain and showers in many places, arriving in Tiszántúl only in the late afternoon. The southerly wind will be strong in several places, strong gusts may also occur in higher places and the southeast. The highest daytime temperature will be between 7 and 14 degrees, and the warmest will be at the eastern and southeastern borders.

At first on Saturday, you can expect very cloudy or overcast weather, then in the afternoon the clouds will decrease from the southwest. Sporadic rain and showers are possible, and a thunderstorm in the southwest is not out of the question. The north-westerly wind is lively and may be accompanied by strong gusts along the Győr-Szeged strip. 1 and 9 in the morning, 6 and 12 degrees in the early afternoon.

By dawn on Sunday, fog may form mainly in the southwest. During the day, cloudy and rainy weather is expected in the northeast at first, then the sky will be partly cloudy there as well, the west and northwest wind may strengthen in some places. The minimum temperature is between minus 3 and plus 5, and the maximum between 6 and 12 degrees.


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