Parties for Saturday, 19 October

Party Zone

Neon City & Garden: Neon Retro Party

Butiq: Music Butiq!

White Angel: Mr Sm!th and DJ Ungvári

Club 7: White Angel Official Pre Party

Mix Club: Boom Kossuth Party

Rouge: Club Nights

Pop-Art Café & Bar: Karaoke Night

Tequila Bar: Tequila Saturday

Kis Jazz Pub: Saturday Party

My Friends Club: Pleasure Saturday

Club Vision: Saturday!

Roncsbár: Európa Kiadó concert

Chicago Club: Retro Party

Bisztró Bar: Fűszer-Csemege pres. Metrokoll and Dr Juzztice

Újinkognitó Bar: Saturday Party

Bakelit Music Café: Saturday Party

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