Parties for the weekend, 7-8 December

Party Zone

7 December, Friday

SeVeN: Hello Santa! with Field

Egoist BarClub: Friday Party

Base Club: Friday Party

Roncsbár: Európa Kiadó, Víg Mihály concerts

Tabu Debrecen: Night Hungarian Hit Singles Vol.2.

Hello Pub: Friday Party – Karaoke Party with DJ Sunny

Incognito Club: Ebola Fakó concert

My Friends Club: Santa Claus Retro Party with DJ CRB

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Barn dance with Eszterlánc Band


8 December, Saturday

SeVeN: Fiesta Latina with William

Egoist BarClub: Bad Santa Party with Stephen and Németi

Base Club: Astrounaut Music Presents: Lilly Palmer (NL), Peter Makto, Obrotka aka Goodspeed, Stuart

Roncsbár: Paddy and the Rats, Fatal Error concerts

Tabu Debrecen: Sexy Saturday Santa Claus Edition – Loving Arms

Hello Pub: Hello Party!

Incognito Club: Incognito Christmas

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Svejkfigurák charity concert

HALL: PMXV concert

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