There are a lot of offenders on the roads


In order to improve traffic safety, the police in Berettyóújfalu inspected the Hajdú-Bihar section of the main road 42.

On June 22, 2022, the employees of the Berettyóújfalu Police Headquarters checked the drivers on main road No. 42. In order to prevent accidents and improve traffic safety, the uniformers carried out a coordinated inspection on the outskirts of Berettyóújfalu and Biharkeresztes this time, during which a drone also assisted their work.

The inspection was mainly aimed at detecting drivers who had not previously complied with the priority and cornering rules. Police also prosecuted several drivers.

The Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters is planning similar traffic inspections for the rest of the year. Road users are always asked to follow the rules of the road. Do not endanger yourself and other road users by driving in violation of the rules, breaking them!


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