Főnix Cup: a youth handball tournament begins in Debrecen


On the weekend, the XIV. The Főnix Cup was handled by the handball section of the Debrecen Sports Center-Sports School and the Hajdú-Bihar County Handball Association. During the three-day tournament, girls will fight for medals in three (U12, U13, U14) and boys in two age groups (U12, U14) at the Főnix Arena, the Hódos Imre Event Hall, and the Oláh Gábor Street Sports Hall. The director of DSC-SI will start a team in each age group, and ACS Atletik Satu Mare will be represented across the border. In the Youth Cup, about three hundred young titans from the twenty-four teams will play on the field, starting the ball on Friday at 2 p.m. The announcement of the results will be held at the Főnix Arena on Sunday, also from 2 p.m.

The Főnix Cup schedule can be accessed by clicking here.

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