Video: man robbed an elderly woman in a street in Debrecen


On Monday morning, the police received a report that a 71-year-old woman had been robbed in Debrecen, on Sinai Miklós Street. Police and crime units immediately went to the scene. Since the crime happened in broad daylight, they tried to find as many eyewitnesses as possible in order to get an accurate description of the perpetrator. Several people reported a middle-aged man who, after the victim fell, hurriedly left between the buildings.

Using the information obtained, the investigators identified the perpetrator within a few hours and then informed the patrols about his identity. The officers found the 53-year-old man in Debrecen the very next day, who was brought to the police station. The criminal prosecutors interrogated him as a suspect, detained him, and made a motion for his arrest.

According to the investigation, the man started following his victim from a store, then pushed her away at the right moment and took the wallet from her bag.

The Criminal Department of the Debrecen Police Department initiated criminal proceedings against him due to the well-founded suspicion of committing the crime of robbery, the police said.

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