A woman robbed her sleeping acquaintance in Debrecen


The District Prosecutor’s Office in Debrecen charged the woman who stole money from the victim’s apartment while the man was sleeping with the crime of robbery.

According to the indictment, the defendant was walking in Debrecen on February 9, 2022, when she met the 69-year-old victim. She offered him a ride home. They went to the man’s home, where they talked and the woman asked for the victim’s phone number with the intention of meeting later. During their conversation, the accused found out that the man’s pension would arrive in his account on February 11 and wanted to steal the money.

On the morning of that day, the woman called the victim several times on the phone and they agreed to meet that morning. They went together to an ATM in Debrecen, where the man withdrew a total of HUF 270,000 in cash, which he put in one of his coat pockets, which the accused observed. The victim then gave the accused HUF 20,000 from the money he had taken with him earlier, which she spent to top-up her phone card and buy food and alcohol.

The accused and the victim then went to the man’s apartment, where the man hung his coat on the hanger, which still contained the amount of money. They sat down in one of the rooms and talked, while the man drank alcohol and fell asleep after a short time. The perpetrator took advantage of the fact that the man was sleeping and stole HUF 270,000 from his coat pocket, then left the apartment. The man woke up late in the afternoon and noticed that his money had been stolen, then he filed a report at the Debrecen Police Department, and during the investigation, he asked for compensation for his loss.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Debrecen brought charges against the defendant, who is in custody and is particularly recidivist, for the crime of robbery at the District Court in Debrecen. In its indictment, the district prosecutor’s office requested the additional penalty of imprisonment and disqualification from public affairs, as well as a motion for the district court to grant the victim’s claim for compensation.

Video: man robbed an elderly woman in a street in Debrecen



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