Fire Broke Out in Kisállomás Street


On Sunday morning, there was a fire in Debrecen, in Kisállomás street. Branches and leaves were burning. The professional firefighters of Debrecen extinguished the fire with a water jet, reported the press service of the county disaster management.

Fire chief lieutenant Nóra Papp-Kunkli also reported on other events from Debrecen and the county:

A pine tree fell towards the road on Panoráma road in Debrecen, which endangered the traffic, so the professional firefighters of Debrecen cut the tree with a chainsaw.

Fire broke out in a wood storage in Álmosd, on Balassi street. Létavértes municipal firefighters put out the fire with a water jet and hand tools.

A minibus and a train collided on Sunday afternoon in Hajdúnánás-Tedej, at Fő street. The professional firefighters from Hajdúnána marched to the scene, inspected the vehicles and de-energized the minibus. The bus driver was taken to hospital by the ambulance. Twenty-two people were on the train, they were not injured, and they were able to continue their journey on a relief flight.

There was a fire in a room of a house on Balassi street in Álmosd on Sunday evening. The resident of the house was escorted out of the smoke by the police until the Létavértes municipal firefighters arrived. The unit extinguished the fire with a water jet. The ambulance service transported the elderly resident of the house to hospital on suspicion of smoke poisoning

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