Two-Year-Old Little Boy Who Died in Polgár May Have Been Severely Abused By His Foster Mother


On Friday, the Debrecen District Court ordered the arrest of the foster parent, against whom the police launched an investigation due to the well-founded suspicion of committing a crime of bodily harm causing death, said the spokesperson of the Debrecen District Court.

Dénes Dobó wrote that, according to the well-founded suspicion, the woman was found in the late afternoon of February 26th at her residence in Polgár.

“She abused the two-year-old and five-month-old boy temporarily placed with her as a foster parent – due to his disobedient behavior – so severely that the child died shortly after the act”.

The suspect did not admit to the investigating judge that she abused the child. According to the court’s position, the motion of the Hajdú-Bihar County Prosecutor’s Office is based on the arrest of the suspect, “however, the defense’s motion – primarily to reject the prosecutor’s motion and release the defendant, and secondarily to order criminal supervision – is not well-founded,” the spokesperson indicated.

He added: the penalty for the crime charged to the suspect is 2-8 years in prison. “Given the seriousness of the act, based on the magnitude of the expected punishment in the event of the criminal liability of the suspect, there is already a risk of escape and hiding,” he wrote. “The investigation is in the initial stage, the questioning of several witnesses in the case is expected, and there is a strong interest in these persons giving their confessions without being influenced. If the suspect is released, it can be assumed that she would illegally influence the witnesses, thus jeopardizing the effectiveness of the evidence” said the spokesperson. The order of the District Court of Debrecen is not final, the suspect and her lawyer have appealed against the decision – explained Dénes Dobó.

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