Áron Szilágyi Won the Gold Medal at the World Fencing Championships in Cairo


Áron Szilágyi won the gold medal in the individual competition of swordsmen at the World Fencing Championships in Cairo.

The champion, who won his third Olympic title last year in Tokyo, started with a 15-6 victory over Kuwait’s Amaar Alammari, then in a more tense match he beat China’s Hsu Jing-ming with 15-13. In the round of 16, he won with 15-9 against his teammate András Szatmári, the world champion in 2017 and silver medalist at the World Cup in 2019.

His opponent in the semi-finals was Sandro Bazadze, he defeated the Georgian fencer in the semi-finals at last year’s Olympics, but it was he who stopped Szilágyi in the 32 at this year’s European Championships. This time, Hungary won with 15-11.
In the final, Szilágyi’s opponent was Maxime Pianfetti, who had been in good form all day, and won with 6-3 at the start. However, the Hungarian swordsman scored five points in a row, then there was a break, and after the break, two more Szilágyi hits. However, the French fencer did not give up, fought tenaciously to catch up, equalized from 12-14, but Szilágyi took the last hit – amid great excitement – which was awarded to him after videotaping.

With this, in addition to the three Olympic (London, Rio, Tokyo) and one European gold (2015, Montreux), he has now also added a World Cup triumph as an individual. So far, he has only been able to win the World Championship in a team, in 2007 in St. Petersburg.


among the 64:

Csanád Gémesi-Inaki Bravo (Spanish) 15-13 Tamás Decsi-Ahmed Ferjani (Tunisian) 15-14 András Szatmári-Krzysztof Kaczkowski (Polish) 15-4 Áron Szilágyi-Amaar Alammari (Kuwaiti) 15-6

among the 32:

Szatmári-Enver Yildirim (Turkey) 15-7 Szilágyi – Hsü Jing-ming (China) 15-13 Sandro Bazadze (Georgia)-Gémesi 15-12 Bolade Apithy (French)-Decsi 15-11

between 16:

Szilágyi-Szatmári 15-9

quarter finals:

Maxime Pianfetti (French)-Luigi Samele (Italian) 15-14 Iulian Teodosiu (Romania)-Oh Sang Uk (South Korea) 15-14 Bazadze-Ali Pakdaman (Iran) 15-12 Szilágyi-Pietro Torre (Italian) 15-8


Pianfetti-Teodosiu 15-11 Szilágyi-Bazadze 15-11


Szilágyi-Pianfetti 15-14

The final result: 1. Áron Szilágyi, 2. Maxime Pianfetti, 3. Iulian Teodosiu and Sandro Bazadze, … 12. András Szatmári, … 25.

Csanád Gémesi, … 27. Tamás Decsi

On Tuesday, the individual competition of female fencers and male duelists will be held.



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