Successful first powered wind tunnel test campaign for POLITE project


The modular wind tunnel model of the C295, which was design by the partners IBK, ARA, RUAG and DREAM in the frame of the JTI-CS project POLITE, has been successfully tested in RUAG LWTE in several power-on cruise and high-lift conditions in the last weeks.

Designing this wind tunnel model was a strong challenge since a key requirement was to operate it under low- and high-Re conditions, respectively in the RUAG LWTE and ONERA F1. In both cases unpowered and powered tests have been foreseen. The particular challenge of this project is to find a robust design solution that enables testing in two completely different WT-environments by keeping major items (like the rotating-shaft balance and main model parts) common. The campaigns target to characterize the aerodynamic influence of specific design solutions, taking into account different engine-settings both for low and high Reynolds conditions. The first test in powered conditions therefore is an important milestone!

The modular design of the WT-model is the outcome of a joint cooperation between IBK (fuselage, tail and inboard wing), ARA (outboard wings), RUAG (hydraulic engines and Rotary Shaft Balances RSBs) and DREAM (CFD analysis supporting model design and WT operations). In particular, the model can be tested with different sets of control surfaces such as single- and double-slotted flaps, ailerons, winglets, spoilers, and different versions of empennages and landing gear configurations. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative miniaturized technology developed by RUAG, it is equipped with Rotary Shaft Balances able to measure propeller forces and 1P-loads.

Thanks to the POLITE model and the effort made by the whole consortium, Airbus Defence & Space managed to complete a three-week test campaign gathering important data and information needed to ensure safe first flight of the Flying Demonstrator of CS2-REG. The next milestone will be the high-Reynolds tests planned in 2020, to be performed with the POLITE model in the framework of the JTI-CS project PERTURB, led by ARA.

The POLITE project has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 717233.

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