Another Connection with Nanchang


Members of a delegation from China, who have visited the University of Debrecen recently, would be very much interested to find out about the details of student and staff mobility as well as participation possibilities in English-language doctoral programs at UD.

The number of university-level cooperation agreements signed by the University of Debrecen and its Chinese partner institutions has grown steadily, due to the growing interest of potential participants in the English-language programs available in Debrecen from this far-eastern country. In fact, the University of Debrecen has very good connections with several universities in China, out of which quite a few are located in the city of Nanchang of Jiangxi province.

On April 3, a delegation of the representatives of Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, headed by Rector Zuo Heping, came to Debrecen to discuss primarily cooperation possibilities in the area of doctoral programs. Their university is more than fifty years old, as it was founded in 1952, it has a student body of thirty thousand, and it offers BA and MA programs in the fields of teacher training, the humanities and natural sciences, business administration and arts.

“This is a rapidly and dynamically developing institution of higher education, which seeks for cooperation channels mainly in the disciplines related to pedagogy, economics, and language instruction, to be implemented in the form of both student and staff mobility,” said Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Elek Bartha about the negotiations to the reporter of

The members of the delegation also took a tour of our Institute of English and American Studies, where they inquired about doctoral programs and the exchange of visiting professors, as this institute has recently accommodated several visiting research staff members from Chinese institutions.


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