IEAS Film Club Presents: Zero by Gyula Nemes


Next IEAS Film Club is organized on the 12th of June.Date: Tuesday (12th of June) 6:00 pm

Venue: MODEM Cultural and Conference Centre (1. Baltazár Dezső square)

Program: Next IEAS Film Club is organized on Tuesday. Title of the movie is Zero.

A bee-keeper initiates fight against the society of consumption for saving the bees.
N, the director of a honey bottling factory produces fake honey. One day, after an accident caused by a bee, he is tasting real honey and his entire life changes radically. He leaves his factory, settles down in a walley and starts working with bees in the real way. His bees get chased away and killed – as it turns out -, by the harmful effects of a nearby mobile phone tower. He falls in love with L, the daughter of the director of a mobile phone company. Their legal fight to save the bees is unsuccessful. N’s last bee dies. N leaves his farm and L leaves her father and joins N.

The guest of the roundtable discussion following the film in Hungarian is Gyula Nemes. Discussion following the film is led by Zsolt Győri. The film will be screened in Hungarian with English subtitles. Running time: 83 minutes. The movie is directed by Gyula Nemes.

Visiting the event is free.

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