yoUDay – Exclusive Semester Opening Party in Debrecen


yoUDay is organized again in Debrecen on the 26th of September. Tickets are already avaliable.Date: Wednesday (26th of September) 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Venue: Nagyerdei Stadium, Debrecen

Program: yoUDay, the exclusive semester opening party of the University of Debrecen is organized again in Nagyerdei Stadium on the 26th of September. Organizers are expecting about 25,000 people at this year’s event. There will be well-known Hungarian musicians (Ákos, Majka,Tomi Horváth, Animal Cannibals and Abrakazabra), games, gastro competitions and a special blood donation program is also organized by the Hungarian Red Cross.

Organizers are asking all the visitors to arrive in green T-shirts or jumpers to the event.

Tickets are already available, they are between 500 and 3900 HuF.


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